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Albert Einstein - Theoretical physicist

Business solutions beyond imagination

Add extra layer of security to your onboarding workflow with eKYC solutions.
Give digital transformation a tweak.

  • No software required.
  • Responsive online platform.
  • Send documents and receive them signed immediately.
  • Cost effective compared to traditional paper mails.
  • Conversion rates up to 96% thanks to customer satisfaction.
  • Compliant to eIDAS, E-SIGN Act and OECD - UNCITRAL - ICC regulations.

PRO features

  • Upload documents:
    your customers can upload any document requested along the process.
  • eKYC:
    we offer end-to-end identity validation and onboarding processes in a compliant regulatory environment.
  • Tailored control panel
    to monitor the status of contracts, and analyse results in real time.

How it works?

Write your message.
Request signatories to sign by clicking a button, typing an OTP received by SMS or adding handwritten signature. developed registered electronic communications, SMS and email messages as documentary evidence.
One Time Password (OTP): Extra layer of security with two step verification. Your signatory receives the document by email and a temporary password in a text message to sign with. No more worries about identity thefts, we’ve got you covered!
Upload the document you want to get signed in PDF format.
Send it. Schedule the sending, set notifications.






Once signed we issue a certificate with all the data of the communication and the signed document attached to it. The certificate is the documentary evidence, digitally signed, time stamped.


Extra security for signature process with eKYC Onboarding. Find out if the person on the other end of the transaction is who they say they are. Add new customers online while protecting your business from fraud and meeting regulatory environments.

In compliance with remote face-to-face identification and verification procedures for:

  • Customer Registration
  • Account Opening
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Preventing identity fraud

Biometric face-recognition and liveness detection. The process is video recorded, assisted by a live agent or stand-alone. Validate ID cards, passports and driving licenses.

Multiple signature

Single signature

Single signature

The document is sent to the signatory.


Multiple signature

The document is sent to multiple signatories:

Joint signature

Joint signature

All signatories must sign to be valid.

Joint signature

Joint and severally signature

Not all signatories must sign to be valid.

Joint signature

Hierarchical signature

The document is sent to multiple levels of signatories in hierarchical order.

Signature levels can be single or multiple signature.

All levels must sign it. If one of the levels is not completed or exceeds the time limit, no certificate will be generated and the contract will not be valid.


Would you like to integrate Click & Sign into your daily applications and software?
No problem, our APIs guarantee compatibility.

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