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  • How does Click & Sign work?

    Sending a document to be signed with Click & Sign is simple: select a template, attach the documents you are going to send and add signatories.

  • Do I need any special software to use Click & Sign?

    No. Since Click & Sign is web-based, it is fully compatible with any laptop, PC or mobile device with internet connection.

  • Do my recipients need a Click & Sign account to sign the documents?

    No. The link to sign is sent by email or SMS and the signature is made from a web page that can be displayed from any device.

  • Can I add multiple signers to a document?

    Yes, there is no limit. You can add as many signatories and level of signatures as needed.

  • What are the signature levels?

    When a document is sent to two or more signatories, you can choose the order in which the signatories are going to sign, thus, documents are signed in the established sequential signing.

  • How are documents signed?

    Documents can be signed with an OTP (One Time Password) sent by email or SMS to the signatory, by click-to-sign or drawing your signature.

  • What makes a signed document legal?

    The documents are digitally signed with a time stamp that certifies the content and showing the date and time of the communication.

  • How long does it take to get the documentary evidence?

    The documentary evidence is issued shortly after the last signatory signed the document.

  • Can I attach more than one document to sign?

    Yes. You can attach a maximum of 20 files up to 25 MB.

  • Can I attach documents not to be signed?

    Yes, you may attach other documents that can be sent in the initial email or in the email notification.

  • Can I request the signatory to upload documentation (ID, payroll, etc.)?

  • Could emails and landing pages be customized?

  • Can I try Click & Sign for free?

    Yes, sign up for free and get 28 credits.

  • How do I get started?

    You can start using Click & Sign right away, (link). For customised solutions, please contact us (link).

  • My Click & Sign account gives me access to Tools. What is Tools? Tools is the user interface of, the parent company of Click & Sign. If you sign up to Click & Sign, you have access to Tools too.

  • Are eSignatures secure?

    Not all eSignatures are created equally. Some eSignature services do not have a digital certificate, which means these documents can be tampered at any point with a simple software. Therefore, they have no legal value.

    Click & Sign provides digitally signed, timestamped (tamper proofing) documentary evidence. The signature is uniquely linked to the signer and the documentary evidence provides additional information on the signature (time, email, phone number, address, geolocation, …). You can click on the signature to validate it.

    These features make our eSignatures actually safer than ink signatures.

  • How do I know who signed the contract?

    The evidence to identify the signatory is provided by the Registered Email sent with the URL of the signature page, the OTP sent to a mobile number, the attachments, all the technical information related to the process such as the IP of the servers.

  • How can I access the documents once they are signed?

    The signed documents are available from Click & Sign user interface and, they can be downloaded as required. You can also set up documents to be sent automatically.

  • Do our servers store documents?

    The issued documentary evidence, together with all the attachments are stored on our servers for 5 years.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We currently accept Visa and MasterCard.

    Post-paid option is available for customers with large volumes.

  • Is Click & Sign aimed at companies?

    If you need a document to be signed, then you need Click and Sign., no matter if you are an individual or a company.

  • What do "credits" stand for?

    Credits are Click & Sign and currency.

    As a rule, 1 € equals 7 credits although final price will depend on each delivery settings.

    This is the retail price, however you can also benefit from buying in bulk; the more you buy the more you save.

  • Are credits deducted if the user does not sign?

    Yes. Credits are deducted from the account at the beginning of each signature process since the documentary evidence is issued once the signature deadline expires.