How does an electronic signature work?

eSignatures are legally binding

Electronic signatures across the EU are governed by the Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS), a set of standards for electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions. eIDAS defines 3 levels of electronic signatures; Simple, advanced and qualified electronic signature.

An advanced electronic signature based on a qualified documentary evidence hold the same legal status to wet signatures.

Binding electronic signatures on documentation

Our esignatures are advanced electronic signatures since they:

• Are uniquely and clearly linked to its signer

• Are created by means under the sole control of the signer, such as his or her telephone or personal computer

• Have a way to prove that the document has not been edited after it was signed

Documentary evidence and custody

Documentary evidence for electronic signature

Documentary evidence:

The PDF documentary evidence collects all the electronic evidence generated during the signature process:

  • Data related to Registered emails and Registered SMS sent and received, such as: content, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, IPs involved, dates and times of written communications
  • Signed documents
  • Technical annexes
  • OTP, Click-to-Sign or biometric signature
  • Attachments

The documentary evidence is digitally signed and with a CA time stamp Therefore, the content is tampered proof.

You can access to the documentary evidence of your e signature processes:

We issue documentary evidence with all the communication data; this evidence can be consulted and downloaded from your account.

Documentary custody of electronically signed documents

Documentary custody:

The documents that are uploaded to the cloud during the signature process (receipts, payroll, documents officially authenticated.) shall remain under documentary custody for 5 years.

How does an electronic signature work

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