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Multiple signature

Multiple signatures may follow a preset order; all or just some signatures might be required to accept the documents as signed.

  • Single signature

    It is the simplest type, one or several documents that must be signed by a single signatory.

  • Parallel signature

    Documents are received at once by all the signatories and can be signed in any order. Signatures are either joint the signature of all the signatories is required, or joint and severally signatures (not all signatories must sign to be valid).

  • Sequential signature

    The signatories receive the documents to be signed following a preset order. A signatory will only receive the documents if the previous signer has signed them. More than one signatory is allowed per level or position, and signatures can be joint (all signatories must sign) or joint and severally signatures (not all signatories need to sign).

Signatories identification

We provide three different methods to authenticate the identity of the signatories.


Email or mobile phone

It is the most basic authentication. Signatories can only access the signature page through a link sent either by email or by SMS.


Code by SMS

Signatories must enter, at the time of signing, a code received by SMS and without it the document cannot be signed.


ID document

Signatories must upload, during the signing process, a snapshot of their ID document, passport or driving licence; this document is analysed, and the veracity of the data is validated.

*Available for customized solutions

Upload documentation

Request the signatories to upload documents during the signing process, such as payslip, bills, certified documents, identity documents, driving licences, etc. These documents can be included in the documentary evidence.


Free API

Integrate Click & Sign into your applications, services or procedures simply and quickly. Our extensive API covers all the electronic signature environment, both administration and user side. And you don’t pay to use it.


Customise the elements of the signing process with your logo and your corporate colour.


Signature page

Your logo will head the signature page of the documents, and your corporate colour will stand out.



Customise the text of all the communications to your clients, as well as adding the logo and your corporate colour to the emails.



Identify your users and validate their identity quickly, simply and entirely online, with their identity document, passport or driving licence. You can find more information at website.



Document data extraction by using OCR with no validation.


eKYC Docs

Reading of the document by using OCR and verification of the data.


eKYC Photo

Add facial recognition to eKYC Docs with a selfie of your client.


eKYC Video

Like eKYC Photo, but video recording the entire process.

*Available for customized solutions


Access code

Protect access to the signature page through a code that only the user knows.


Data export

Download all the data related to your deliveries in .csv and analyse them afterwards.


Creating templates

Create templates with your work flow and use them to quickly send documents to be signed.



Set reminders by SMS or email and make sure not to miss any document to be signed.



We track nine changes of signature/signers status so that you can notify everything.


Status tracking

Check at any time if a signature process is pending, signed, cancelled or incorrect.


Multi device

100% compatible with any device of any size, without having to install anything.


Several languages

The user interface and the documentary evidence is available in 5 languages. The documentary evidence can be set to bilingual.



We offer support via email, managed by our very human team.

Documentary evidence

It is the document with probative value with all the electronic evidence generated during the process of signing the documents, such as, IPs of all the devices involved, email addresses, mobile phones, etc.


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