• What are eSignatures?

    eSignature, or electronic signature is the digital equivalent of on-paper signatures. Electronic signatures are designed to make online signature processes easy and legally enforceable.

  • What are eSignatures used for?

    Electronic signatures are used to sign documents, contracts, transactions, agreements, loans, rentals, forms and orders,...

    In short, almost anything can be signed electronically.

  • What are the benefits of eSignature?

    Cost reduction, time saving, higher customer satisfaction, workflow automation, space-saving, to name but a few.

  • What are the types of eSignatures?

    The eIDAS Regulation defines three types of electronic signature simple, advanced and qualified signatures.


  • Are eSignatures legally binding?

    Yes. Electronic signatures across all the EU are governed by the Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation, a set of standards for electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions. eIDAS defines 3 levels of eSignatures, simple electronic signature, advanced and qualified.

    An advanced eSignature based on a qualified certificate satisfies the legal requirements of a signature the same way as an on-paper handwritten signature.

    Our eSignatures are advanced electronic signatures since they are:

    • uniquely linked to and capable of identifying the signatory;
    • created in a way that allows the signatory to retain control;
    • linked to the document in a way that any subsequent change of the data is detectable.
  • Can I access the documentary evidence of my eSignature processes?

    Yes, we issue a documentary evidence with all the data involved in the communication; which can be viewed and downloaded from your account.

  • What is the documentary evidence?

    It is a PDF document with all the details of the signature process including:

    • Data related to Registered Emails and Registered SMS-s sent and received such as: content, email addresses, mobile numbers, IPs involved, dates and times of the written communications
    • The signed documents
    • Technical annexes
    • OTP, click-to-sign or handwritten signature used to sign
    • Attachments

    The documentary evidence is digitally signed, and time stamped by a certificate authority. Thus, content remains tamper-proof.

  • Are eSignatures legal in the European Union?

    Yes. Electronic signatures across all the EU are governed by the Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation, a set of standards for electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions.

  • Are eSignatures legal in the US?

    Yes. ESIGN Act is a United States federal law passed by the US Congress to facilitate the use of electronic records and electronic signatures. Federal and state law gives electronic signatures the same legal status as handwritten signatures.

    That being said, some states may have additional regulations, or compliance requirements. But these requirements exist for both paper and electronic processes.

  • Are eSignatures legal in other countries?

    Many countries worldwide adopted eSignature and eCommerce laws, for instance:

    • India (Information Technology Act 2000)
    • Canada (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
    • China (Electronic Signature Law 2004)
    • The Russian Federation (Electronic Signature Law 2011)
    • Australia (section 10 of the Electronic Transactions Act 1999)
    • Japan (Law Concerning Electronic Signatures and Certification Services)
    • Mexico (E-Commerce Act 2000)

    Click & Sign is compliant to OECD - UNCITRAL - ICC regulations.

    For a legal opinion on the enforceability of eSignatures in any given country and local data residency requirements, consult your legal counsel.

The service

  • How does Click & Sign work?

  • Do I need any special software to use Click & Sign?

    No. Since Click & Sign is web-based, it is fully compatible with any laptop, PC or mobile device with internet connection.

  • Do my recipients need a Click & Sign account to sign the documents?

    No. The link to sign is sent by email or SMS and the signature is made from a web page that can be displayed from any device.

  • Can I add multiple signers to a document?

    Yes, there is no limit. You can add as many signatories and level of signatures as needed.

  • What are the signature levels?

    When a document is sent to two or more signatories, you can choose the order in which the signatories are going to sign, thus, documents are signed in the established sequential signing.

  • How are documents signed?

    Documents can be signed with an OTP (One Time Password) sent by email or SMS to the signatory, by click-to-sign or drawing your signature.

  • What makes a signed document legal?

    The documents are digitally signed with a time stamp that certifies the content and showing the date and time of the communication.

  • How long does it take to get the documentary evidence?

    The documentary evidence is issued shortly after the last signatory signed the document.

  • Can I attach more than one document to sign?

    Yes. You can attach a maximum of 20 files up to 25 MB.

  • Can I attach documents not to be signed?

    Yes, you may attach other documents that can be sent in the initial email or in the email notification.

  • Can I request the signatory to upload documentation (ID, payroll, etc.)?

    Yes, you can request the upload of any documentation, up to 5 documents of 4Mb each. Allowed file formats include: PDF, JPG and PNG.

  • Could emails and landing pages be customized?

    Yes, in Click & Sign you can add your logo and corporate colours. Click & Sign Pro can be fully customized following your corporate identity guidelines.

  • Can I try Click & Sign for free?

    Yes, sign up for free and get 28 credits.

  • How do I get started?

    You can start using Click & Sign right away, (link). For customised solutions, please contact us (link).

  • My Click & Sign account gives me access to Lleida.net Tools. What is Lleida.net Tools?

    Lleida.net Tools is the user interface of Lleida.net, the parent company of Click & Sign. If you sign up to Click & Sign, you have access to Lleida.net Tools too.

Security & privacy

  • Are eSignatures secure?

    Not all eSignatures are created equally. Some eSignature services do not have a digital certificate, which means these documents can be tampered at any point with a simple software. Therefore, they have no legal value.

    Click & Sign provides digitally signed, timestamped (tamper proofing) documentary evidence. The signature is uniquely linked to the signer and the documentary evidence provides additional information on the signature (time, email, phone number, address, geolocation, …). You can click on the signature to validate it.

    These features make our eSignatures actually safer than ink signatures.

  • How do I know who signed the contract?

    The evidence to identify the signatory is provided by the Registered Email sent with the URL of the signature page, the OTP sent to a mobile number, the attachments, all the technical information related to the process such as the IP of the servers.

  • How can I access the documents once they are signed?

    The signed documents are available from Click & Sign user interface and, they can be downloaded as required. You can also set up documents to be sent automatically.

  • Do our servers store documents?

    The issued documentary evidence, together with all the attachments are stored on our servers for 5 years.


  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We currently accept Visa and MasterCard.

    Post-paid option is available for customers with large volumes.

  • Is Click & Sign aimed at companies?

    If you need a document to be signed, then you need Click and Sign., no matter if you are an individual or a company.

  • What do "credits" stand for?

    Credits are Click & Sign and Lleida.net currency.

    As a rule, 1 € equals 7 credits although final price will depend on each delivery settings.

    This is the retail price, however you can also benefit from buying in bulk; the more you buy the more you save.

  • Are credits deducted if the user does not sign?

    Yes. Credits are deducted from the account at the beginning of each signature process since the documentary evidence is issued once the signature deadline expires.

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